Monday, June 16, 2014

Nowhere IS somewhere

Development on this remains stagnant!  I did have two interesting anecdotes on my Android apps, however, and here they are.

First is pretty simple, but it means a lot to me:  There are people who use my app!  I am really thankful for the comments I've received about them; it really motivates me to continue to do what I love to do despite the perceived cost of doing it.

Second is an email I received from Google!  It was a warning about my application and how I had a spam/fraudulent description on one of them and they were in danger of being taken down!  So I said to myself "what the..." and checked.  There was nothing fraudulent about what I said; I had wrote a simple description, but then I saw at the end of the description that I stated that the app would be updated soon.  I had to laugh at the irony.  I hadn't touched that app in about two or three years, so I could see what Google was talking about!  Needless to say, I changed it.  Thanks Google!

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